Frequently asked questions

Where does our hair get sourced from?

Gold Fever Luxury Hair only source their hair from long-standing, credible sources in India. We have a very close relationship with our exclusive source, ensuring exceptional quality control and consistancy. As we mention quite frequently, our hair is 100% ethical and traceable. This means that we know exactly where the hair we are sourcing is coming from and how it is being processed. We are passionate about giving back to the community that provides us with our product. Thus, the subsequent sales of the hair goes into creating housing, education and other charitable venues within the mentioned community.

Can anyone purchase Gold Fever products?

Gold Fever Luxury Hair tape extensions (standard & invisible) are available for anyone to purchase on our website. No login is neccessary and you do not need to be a salon or an accredited Gold Fever stylist/salon. However, if you are interested in our single keratin bond extension range and/or our accessory range. Then you will need to be a qualified hairdresser and be trained and educated by Gold Fever in order to purchase.

Why can't I purchase some products if I am not educated by Gold Fever?

We only sell most of our products to salons/stylists that have been trained by our Gold Fever Education Team. We do this to ensure our application techniques, reputation and standards here in Australia continue to meet the global expectations of Gold Fever Luxury Hair. Being a luxury brand, we need to ensure that we maintain excellence in every aspect of our brand, most importantly, extension aplication.

Can I place custom orders for new colours/lengths?

Yes! We offer a complete customisable option for our accredited Gold Fever salons/stylists. Any colour/s can be blended together to create a whole new colour or ombré effect. This is available in any of our standard lengths, as well as our custom lengths (60cm, 65cm)

I want to take part in the Gold Fever Education Program, how do I get started?

It is super simple! Email us at info@goldfeveraustralia.com or give us a ring on 0416 077 436 to have a chat about our Education Program. We will then correspond with the local Gold Fever Luxury Hair trainer in your area and book in a time for them to come and train you in-salon.

How does the Gold Fever Education Program work?

Great question! Gold Fever Luxury Hair has multiple trainers around Australia, making it super easy for one of our trainers to run the Education Program in-salon with you. We offer all salons a Payment Plan option, allowing them to only pay an upfront deposit. You will then receive your desired training bundle (ultimate or basic) and you will undergo your training. Only after your training is completed, will you pay off the rest of your training bundle with monthly payments. This allows for all of our salons to utilise their new service to pay off their training bundle.