“Gold Fever Luxury Hair double drawn extensions is our most luxurious line of hair extensions. Taking over 6 weeks to produce at our facilities in India, it allows for the hair to be the same thickness from the bond, all the way to the tip of the extension. Our double drawn single keratin bond extensions can only be attained through placing a custom order that takes 3-5 weeks to arrive at your salon, allowing for even more exclusivity for your clientele.”

"Gold Fever Luxury Hair naturally layered extensions are perfect for achieving the ultimate natural look. Our naturally layered single keratin bond extensions are our best selling line, with express shipping across Australia. Being naturally layered, it allows for the extensions to blend seamlessly into the clients own hair. They also decrease application time, as the natural layers of the hair allow for quicker cutting and blending. Our naturally layered line is also 15% cheaper than our double drawn line."



Please note: Wefts are considered special lengths and colours, therefore require a turnaround time of 20 - 30 days, we strongly suggest you order these Wefts separately in a new order.
This is to avoid any risk of having your normal order delayed. The same applies to orders where you would like to have a different colour Protein Tip. Thank you !

Hair Wefts