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The hair used by Gold Fever Luxury Hair is called “Remis (or Remy)", a French word derived from “remettre en ordre” which means “to sort out”.


In the hair industry Remy hair implies that all the single hairs in a particular bundle are all aligned in the same direction, with their cuticle intact and facing in the same direction just as hair grows on a person’s head.

The fact that the hair is all facing in the same direction is vital to avoid tangling, since cuticles facing in opposite direction to one another would act very much as Velcro and thus, get caught on one another. Mother Nature wants the hair to have a cuticle, so it can hold in the right amount of moisture. Cuticles strengthen the hair and protect it from adverse environmental conditions. Healthy hair with an intact cuticle will have an attractive natural sheen to it, a sheen that we all aspire to have in our hair.

The healthier the cuticle the more the hair will hold a curl, style or any other treatment one decides to do on it. Healthy hair extensions blend seamlessly and naturally with our own natural hair, making the final result the very best that can be achieved with hair extensions.


Gold Fever Luxury Hair removes all short hair from the raw material before starting the transformation process. Our hair is then placed in special osmotic baths whose particular formulas derive from the cashmere industry.


We treat our hair in exactly the same way as cashmere is processed, thus ensuring the most delicate and respectful procedure which allows us to maintain the structure of the hair and its cuticle completely intact.


Our hair does not undergo aggressive bleaching procedures, but rather stations in special osmosis formulas for 20 days or more, depending on the shade we want to achieve. This allows our hair to maintain its exceptional quality throughout the entire process, keeping the cuticle intact which makes the hair glossy, resistant and healthy.

There is nothing quite like Gold Fever quality.