Natural Drawn Protein Bond Extensions

Natural Drawn Protein Bond Extensions


At Gold Fever, we strive to always provide you with the best. This is why we have launched our new, improved version of double drawn hair, which we have named Natural Drawn™ or ND™.

Our Natural Drawn™ hair is still double drawn, but with greater advantages for the Stylist and client.


After the incredible feedback we received from our top stylists who have used the new ND™ range, we are certain to have created the long-awaited hair format that suits the needs of our discerning clientele.


Whether it’s volume, length or both, our new ND™ line delivers incredible results for Stylists and their clients who will find it much easier to cut, manage and style because it blends more naturally with the clients’ own hair. All of this without compromising on the thickness on the ends and the overall exceptional quality of the Gold Fever hair and exclusive protein bond.


The superior quality of Gold Fever ND™ hair guarantees a shine and an incomparable comb-ability; the hair is extremely silky and nourished even after many washings. Furthermore, the innovative application method makes the extensions perfectly invisible and preserves the clients’ natural hair for the entire duration, even during the removal process.