I have always had fine hair - not too thin however not the thick gorgeous hair you see on the commercials (the hair every girl wants...)

So after talking with Pam from Gold Fever I started out with 30 pieces just to give a bit of extra body and bounce to frame my face and I will NEVER turn back.

I have avoided extensions in the past as I am always at the beach and very active and to be honest, I don't look after my hair the way you 'should' with extensions.

But this is like nothing else you will EVER experience - it literally your own hair - you treat it like your own hair and can't see the difference and now with Pam's new GF flat technique, you cannot even feel the extensions (and even better nor will your partner...)

Best secret a girl could ever have!

Kind Regards,

Keeta McLean

Gold fever new gf technique from gold fever is awesome. No lumps. Sits flat to the head. I recommend paying a little bit extra for the custom Made dark protein tips as it disguises the regrowth ...can’t see them at all...who says I have hair extensions. ...I can’t see them.

Kind Regards,


For seven straight years I have had hair extensions and I didn't think you could get a product any better than what I had as they were absolutely fantastic and I was very happy with them....but I've just had Gold Fever Hair Extensions attached for the first time and "wow" the best of the best just outdid themselves because this new product has obviously had a lot of research go into it to achieve this level of brilliance.

They are individually attached and unlike previous used extensions, the Gold Fever ones lay flat against your head, as opposed to almost tubular, fanning the hair out even further and giving a thicker and more natural look, not to mention making it incredibly easy to blend them in with your own hair.

Theres no feeling of tension on your own hair from the extensions, and to the touch there almost non-existent and invisible to the eye.

Gold Fever Australia have clearly sourced the best quality human hair, researched a new brilliant way to attach it and come up with a product that looks and feels so much like your own hair no one would know it wasn't unless you told them.

Kind Regards,


I have been in the hair industry for approximately 35 years and have owned two salons and managed Antony Whitaker Salon on Oxford Street in Sydney...... I have used Great Lengths hair extensions for over 15 years and since working with Gold Fever for the past .... 8 Months I believe the quality of the hair is far more superior and ethically Sourced with an affordable price tag for today’s market.

The bonds are practically undetectable when applied and the new Gold Fever application is extremely exciting! My clients are loving the change and comment the hair is as thick at the bond as it is at the end of every strand.

The future is Gold Fever!!!

Kind Regards,

Sue Stopka

Hair Extension Specialist